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Premastering at the best price you can imagine - literally!!

Welcome to the first and so far only mastering facility in the world where you decide what you pay for having your track or album premastered!

Premastering is an essential part of track or album production. If it's done right, it's undertaken by skilled people with high end equipment in a good listening environment.

Expect nothing but the best in quality and craftmanship from your ME at PickYourPriceMastering.com!

Now you can't afford not to have your music sound the best that it can...

Great care is taken to ensure that every little detail that is changed is for the benifit of the overall perception of the material. In fact that is the sole purpose of the premastering process.

I use custom built passive EQs and custom built compressors, both with some of the best audio transformers on the market for the overall shaping of the material. I use linear phase software EQs for more surgical applications and software limiters and clippers for the final “squeeze”. All monitored on perfect monitors for my room.

Kindest regards,

Torben Lysholm

Your ME, PickYourPriceMastering.com


The pick-your-price concept is already known from artists who make their music available for download at a price the buyer decide for themselves.

PickYourPriceMastering takes it to another level within the music industry itself and offers top quality premastering at the best price you can imagine - literally!!

Just pick your price!

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